Monday, October 30, 2006

Remaking Left-Overs

Last week I posted a recipe for roasted vegetables. We enjoyed them so much that I made them again yesterday at the cabin. This time I added fresh mushrooms and served them on basmati brown rice rather than pasta. It is recommended that you make a full batch, as roasted vegetables are so versatile for remaking into other savory foods. Since Rylan is home with a sore throat and cold today, I thought some un-chicken broth would be good for him. This savory soup is made with Imagine's organic No-Chicken Broth, left-over basmati brown rice, and the left-over roasted vegetables. It was simple to prepare and delicious to boot! A wonderful soup for an autumn day.


  1. Dear Gwen,
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog :o), it was so nice to hear from you...
    you know, lately I can hardly find any time for my blogging, that is why my breaks are getting kind of longer than before...
    You are right, the knitting is a great therapy - it is so relaxing - and you can just grab it and make a few rows and then quickly put it away again without making your living room or work place a total mess and chaos :o)
    I just love to lear new things and crafting makes me really happy...
    I should not forget, I just watched Brandon's For the love - and I have to tell you - I just love it, what a talented young man... you must be proud of him...
    Take care and have a blessed day.

  2. Thank you, Alena, for your comments. Yes, knitting is great therapy, relaxing, and so easy to grab and take with you. I haven't got my knitting out yet for this season, as I'm still busy stitching tea towels. I stitch one and then set it in a basket to be hemmed and starched later. Was I ever surprised the other day when I checked my basket and found 18 of them there! I guess they count as UFO's until I get the hemming done!

    Yes, I'm proud of Brandon. Thanks for taking a look at his work.

  3. That looks like a great bowl of soup! We are in for some cool weather this week, and now I'm inspired to make some soup!


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