Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Pattern Book

Here's a picture of the original quilt block pattern that I am working with. I love the solid effect of the star, but for my cross-stitched piece, do not like the stipes on the side borders. I've discovered that leaving them out, though, limits my use of fabrics and I think that it's too plain as a result.

Lucy, Alena, and Inga, where are you? What do you think? Any other blogging friends with ideas to share?


  1. here am I .... and just read my name ! I LOVE the block a it is in the book with the strips and all..
    The dark colors looks so amish to me :-) ... I see that you like it in red and white . combine it with darker blue. very traditional!! But above all: trust your own choice. you are excelent in colors. I can see it on the pictures you made :-)

  2. Thanks for the advice, Lucy. The block as it appears in the book is very pretty, isn't it. It's very 4th of July to me --- and yes, Amish as well. When I'm done with my table runner (where I'm having to include the cross-stitch) I might just may one or two block as shown in the book. I really appreciate you writing! How I wish I could come to your quilt shop and take a class or two from you!

  3. I wish you could come !! That would be fun a american in my class... Or maybe When I am in America I can give a class to at the local quiltshop.....
    Now I am looking for the second time I see you use pink instead of red.. It looks red to me at my compter. I love it the way you use it. Keep it plain and simple!!


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