Monday, October 30, 2006

Herbal Bouquets

Years ago I started reading the series of books, "More Hours in My Day" by Emilie Barnes. Her style of home management appealed to me, as it was within the boundries of my temperament and personality. All home management books I had read previously were quite cut and dried, very scheduled, and didn't allow for deviation from routine. But Emilie Barne's was different. She allowed for special touches, creativity, and the development of a beautiful home that was not only organized, but pretty and filled with homey things. A perfect meld of organization and attractiveness is described in her books. By now, I think my library contains all of the books she's ever written! What an inspiration she's been to me! It was also Emilie Barnes that started me on my passion for all things tea, but that story's for another day.

The home management tip I'm sharing today is one that I've adopted from Emilie Barnes. Certain fresh herbs are always in my fridge, summer or winter. They are parsley and cilantro. Other herbs are added when the menu calls for them; for example, fresh dill for potato soup. Sometimes, when I'm in a hurry, I place the herbs in the produce bags right into my fruit and vegetable crisper, but if I don't use them fast enough, they mush together and spoil. Emilie's idea works better. Wash and then cut the stems off the base of fresh herbs that are bundled in the store (this fresh cut allows for the uptake of water into the stems) and then place in a glass of water on a refrigerater shelf. The herbs are handy and ready for using, one sprig at a time. In addition, you get the added bonus of a fresh green bouquet each time you open the fridge door. How much better can it get than that!

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