Monday, October 30, 2006

Near Autumn's End --- The Vegetable Garden

Near autumn's end, the vegetable garden takes on a new look. Instead of abundant fresh green and vegetable growing to a large size, the foliage is sparse and the vegetable small. But, until the first hard freeze, they still provide food for family meals. Tomato sandwiches, salsa, cucumber salad, and eggplant dip can still all be made from the vegetables found in Janet's container garden. If Janet is like me, and I think she is, then she'll mourn the first hard frost and will adjust her menu's to winter fare. And she'll await the first signs of spring and eagerly plant tiny seeds and tender plants for another season of fresh veggies for her family. It's the cycle of the seasons which influences the cycle of the foods cooked in northern kitchens during the winter months! Root vegetables, here we come!

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