Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Brent

Today was a quiet, family day. We celebrated Brent's birthday with with a dinner of all his favorite foods: baked potatoes, baked acorn squash, a fresh green salad, cashew loaf, and chocolate cake! Instead of roses decorating his cake, I used golden mums from the garden. Cheerful, abundant, and colorful, they seemed to be joining with with the boys and I as we wished Brent best wishes for the year ahead. Happy Birthday, dear husband!


  1. That is a beautiful cake!

  2. This is a beautiful cake! Flowers make everything beautiful! Was your chocolate cake gluten free? If so, would you mind sharing the recipe? November is birthday month at our house.

    Elizabeth Joy

  3. Thanks, Katie. Real flowers are so much easier than piped ones!

    Elizabeth Joy - yes, it's a gluten free cake. It was delicious too! There's a gf chocolate cake recipe posted earlier this month (here on my blog). Also, Namaste has a great chocolate cake gf mix available at Andy's. Add your egg sub and water and oil. . .also delicious!


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