Sunday, October 29, 2006

From Woodshed to Cozy Kitchen

Last year this room was an unfinished lean-to at the end of the cabin that had been used by the previous residence for storage and a wood shed. With much hard work and elbow grease, it is being transformed into a useful kitchen. Although no microwave will grace it's
cabinetry, a gas range and ample storage space and counter tops now make it a pleasant place to cook meals. A double sink has been installed and is ready for Brent to install faucets and a water system (we haul water from the valley, although we have two springs that eventually can be harnessed for cabin water). A space has been reserved for a gas refrigerator and freezer which we hope to have in place by next spring. You can see from these pictures that there are still tasks to get done; switch covers to install, rope lighting to fastened down, and more.

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