Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cold and Crisp on Mountain Ridge

It was breezy and cold on the mountain today.
Tari, our friend who's wiring our cabin, arrived before we did this morning and had a warm fire blazing in the stove when we arrived. The canyons and ridges are difficult to see in the distance, as fog and clouds nestled in the ridges and took away from the crisp autumn air of last week-end. It was definitely coat weather today!

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  1. I could see the clouds up on the hills, but I had no idea they were hailing and snowing on you up there. We had wind, but it still felt like fall.

    Your cabin is turning out lovely. Your hard work is evident. It is going to be a lovely retreat for you. Bless your friend for all the help she is going you.

    I'm enjoying the photos of the progress.

    Elizabeth Joy


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