Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fragrance Oil and Sticks

For Mother's Day this year, Rylan ordered for me a lovely jasmine fragrance oil and fragrance sticks. Unfortunately the bottle leaked in shipping and had to be returned for a new one. The second bottle leaked as well, so he gave up ordering from a catalog and offered to buy me some embroidered pillow slips instead. But, I've felt badly ever since that the fragrance oils didn't work out. I've found some in a few shops around town; not as nice nor as fragrant, but as expensive, so I've passed them by. This week I found the economy version that is quite nice and was happy to spend less than $7.00 of a bottle of Tahitian Vanilla oil with fragrance sticks. It's a unique concept and I'm not quite sure if it's very practical, but it's fun just the same. The idea is to place the sticks in the oil, allowing them to soak awhile, and then flipping them over in the bottle so that the soaked portion is now on top and can release it's fragrance into the room. The fragrance is lovely, and as long as I can remember to flip the sticks over occasionally, it will infuse the room with it's sweet fragrance. To protect the furniture, I've set it on a small china plate that I purchased at Goodwill this week for a quarter.

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    this is the place I order my fragrance oils from and essential oils. Fair prices and nice to work with


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