Monday, October 02, 2006

Autumn's October

Autumn has arrived on the mountain.
The grasses are dried and the flowers have gone to seed.
The air is crisp and comfortable.
This is the perfect time of year for cabin living!

Yesterday I had my turn at
playing pioneer --- hauling water,
heating it on the stove, and washing dishes by hand.
I had to hurry with the dishes
because darkness was falling and soon
it would be difficult to see.

Brent enjoyed a full day of
'picking up in the woods'.
He took his dump-trailer up the steep
mountain road and then filled it
six times (by hand) with
branches, twigs, and logs.
The forest floor surrounding the
cabin is more attractive now and it
will be so much easier to walk through
those woods. Of course he couldn't
bring the trailer home empty,
so a load of firewood was collected
and brought home to warm the shop
during cold winter months.

It was a warm and comfortable day.
When darkness fell we started our journey
home by moonlight. It was bright and a half-moon,
reflecting in the pick-up mirror as
we traversed down mountain roads.

As always, we are looking forward to

another trip up Cabin-Ridge Road
next week.

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