Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October's Roses

Last week I picked one of my last rose bouquets of the year. We've not had a hard frost yet, but it's likely to occur yet this month. Rose blossoms during October are slow to open and more compact than those of the spring and summer months. When I cut these roses, they were all in bud form and didn't completely open for several days. To help force them out, I placed them in very hot water in the sink, and later gave them another dose of hot water when I arranged them in their vase. Now they are nearing the end of their prime, but are still pretty in an old-fashioned sort of way. Red, peach, pink, yellow, and cream in color, they each have their own beauty and character.

*The tea towel shown in this picture is a vintage one I purchased at a second-hand store recently. It's cross-stitched and has just enough wear in the fabric and threads to make it interesting --- a comfortable look of age.


  1. How beautiful! It makes me want to just sit with a cup of tea and just chat with you in that welcoming atmosphere.

  2. Beautiful pictures as always and I am coveting your teacups. :)

  3. Katie, I would love to sit and chat with you over a cuppa tea!

  4. Brenda, thank you for liking my pictures and teacups.

    I like to display these specific teacups together especially because I love the way the colors blend together so well.


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