Monday, October 16, 2006

Autumn's Splendor

Autumn arrived with October, and it has been a glorious 'Indian Summer' time of year. The roses revived and enjoyed blooming again after the heat of August and September. Sweet potato vines, cucumber vines, and tomato plants thrived in the cooler temperatures. The pets were happier, as the days were cooler and they could sit out under shady trees, watching squirrels or sleeping. During the past week, the days of sunshine gave way to rain and clouds. Except that Brent has been putting a new roof on the house, the cool rains were welcome and refreshing. It's true though, that the rain did cause some stress and a middle of the night trek to the rooftop to make sure tarps were secure when roofing was not yet completely installed. My camera is still in the shop, but Rylan was generous and offered to loan me his. A rainy day walk around the yard shows signs of autumn, with winter not far behind. Crunchy, golden, and fragrant --- autumn is a lovely season of the year!


  1. It is so nice to have you writing again. I've missed you. I really like the photo of the tricycle and truck.

    Elizabeth Joy

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth Joy. :)


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