Friday, July 07, 2006

Wheelbarrow of Lavender

The first lavender blossoms of the season are ready to harvest. Actually, they are past their absolute prime, but I have decided that I am no longer a 'product' person but a 'process' person instead. It's amazing what maturity and age does to you! Although the product, in this case the lavender bud, is best harvested before the actual blossoms burst forth, I enjoy the growing process of the lavender so much that I am hesitant to harvest it. Instead, I enjoy it at each and every stage of growth. Today I cut a deep wheelbarrow of lavender in shades of purple, lavender, and white. The bees were buzzing happily as I worked, but I was careful to keep out of their way. The lavender plants I cut are neatly mounded now, but set among the harvested plants are some that I simply could not bear to harvest. I will enjoy the lavender spikes and their fragrance until they simply have to go. And then, August will arrive, and the second round of blossoms will appear. So fragrant, so soothing, so beautiful. Lavender.

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