Monday, July 24, 2006


Yesterday afternoon we attended a reunion with Dad and Alma. It was a time filled with happy memories and high emotion, as college faculty of a department my father formerly taught at met for an afternoon of reminiscing and sharing. The oldest faculty member was 83 and had left his teaching position at that college in 1960! And the youngest looked SO young, they could be confused as students! But, their credentials quickly set one straight! I grew up as a 'faculty kid', and since families were invited, I was happy to join in the celebration of friendship and memories of years past. A reception, multi-media presentations of the history of the department, tours of the classrooms and laboratory facilities, and a lovely dinner filled the afternoon. In the autumn, our eldest son will be a student in this very facility. A heritage of education and common interest, passed down through the generations. When Brandon walks down the hallway next year, he'll be passing by a picture of his grandfather in the heritage display. Happy memories, high emotion, and a future yet to be written.

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