Saturday, July 08, 2006

Elements of Home

Beautiful homes don't have to be on land! If you are an Internet user, you've probably read the post that's sometimes forwarded from person to person, telling of a woman who says that when she grows old, she's not going to use her money to live in a nursing home, but will spend her time living on a cruise ship instead. A floating home is intriguing! The Ryan-Hanks movie, Sleepless in Seattle, makes floating homes come to mind. So does the floating house in Free Willy. The floating house from that movie was filmed in the row of floating homes I've pictured here.

Homes, whether on land or water, provide us with many important elements. They provide, privacy, security, comfort, somewhere we can be our authentic selves, and a sense of place. It doesn't matter if these elements happen in an apartment high-rise, in a tract-housing development, on acreage in the country, or on a floating house. No matter where we choose to "place our hat", the benefits are the same. Privacy. Security. Comfort. Authenticity. A sense of place. Home.

Photo: Willamette River, Oregon

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