Monday, July 31, 2006

Mountain Lavender

My home lavender is mostly done blooming and needs trimmed back for a second bloom before autumn. It's been so hot and although the lavender has withstood the temperatures, the heat has taken it's toll on the pretty lavender blossoms. But, the lavender at cabin is enjoying the 4,500 foot elevation. It's taken awhile to blossom out this year, and the buds are smaller and more sparse, but I am delighted that all the plants have survived four years of mountain winters and each is blooming bravely again this year. Every variety exibits a different shade of lavender, but each pokes it's head out as if to say, 'I'm enjoying the mountaintop!". The pungent aroma of lavender is something that deer and elk do not enjoy, so they are safe from harm. Other flowering plants I've set out in pot or garden bed are quickly consumed by the mountain inhabitants!

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