Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Brown Dress

Once you start blogging, you start taking more notice of other bloggers. And, other people who know you blog, like to send blogging information to you. This week my father sent me a link to a blog that caught his eye. He thought I would be interested in it. The blog is called "Brown Dress". It was a year-long performance project by a woman who sewed herself a little brown dress and then resolved to wear it every single day for a year. And she did! Her year was completed on July 7. In fact, she wore it so faithfully that it actually wore out! Her blog tells about her philosophy regarding fashion and consumerism and includes a photo-journal of her throughout the year. . .wearing her brown dress. Although I do not know Alex, nor do I endorse everything about her, I believe she makes some valid points concerning consumerism, society's expectations regarding appearance, ecology and materialism. For the past year, she chose to refocus her resources to things of more value --- family, community, government, and ecology. If you'd like to read her blog, here's the link:

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  1. Thanks for the tip.. I visit the blog and she is writing so joyful !


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