Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ye Old Washing Machine

When I was a child, I would help my auntie wash clothes with a wringer washer like this one. It sat on her porch and I remember how proud she was that she had a 'new' washer. Clothes were carefully washed in her machine and then hung up to dry. Her clotheline was of great interest to me. She would take her laundry basket and climb stairs to a platform that appeared, to me, to be high in the sky. From there she would hang her clothes, one by one, on her clothesline. Each time she clipped something onto it, she would use a pully to push the clothes down the line and bring a new space of clothesline into her reach. Eventually the item of clothing that she hung first would be way down the line. After the clothes dried, the opposite process would take place. She would take off her clothes one by one, remove the clothes pins, and reel in the line for her next item. Such memories --- time together for auntie and me!

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