Friday, January 27, 2006

The Fragrance of Lavender

Lavender; a wonderful fragrance. When it's gentle message wafts across a room, tranquility and relaxation automatically are triggered in my head. It is my favorite fragrance!

Even during the winter months, there are many ways to enjoy this lovely smell. Here are some ideas for turning your home into a fragrance-haven!

~ place some dried, lavender bud in a crystal bowl and put on a sunny windowsill so the heat of the sun will draw out the scent

~ add a drop or two of pure, lavender fragrance oil on a lightbulb so that the perfume can be broadcast throughout the room when the light is on

~ place a small kettle of lavender bud (or oil) and water on the stovetop or wood stove and let it simmer

~ toss dried bunches of lavender stalks into a fireplace that's burning brightly

~ store some lavender oil in a porous container or jug so that the perfume seeps into the room

~ place dried lavender arrangements around the room and crunch them occasionally with your hands to release the fragrance oils

Table runner made by my friend, Karleen
Teacup by Royal Doulton
Lavender bouquet contains Spanish, Grosso, Hidcote, and Hybrid lavenders from my garden last summer

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