Friday, January 20, 2006

Good-bye, Faithful Friend

It is a sad day. Our faithful friend and furry pal died early this morning. Liberated Razberi Lynne has been a part of our family for the past sixteen years. Her uniquely Schnauzer ways always blessed our home.

We already miss her. . .Razi's faithful companionship, gentle manner, and loyalty brought great joy to our home.

Good-bye Razi ~ We love you!


  1. Oh LaDonna, I am so sorry. We lost our Speckles just a few months ago and we still miss her

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Very sad -- you grieved over Cinders too. This shows that you guys have a soft and loving heart. We too still grieve over Charlie and Tich.
    Maybe we'll see them all in heaven some day -- playing with the lions and the lambs.

  3. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I can't believe that she won't come barking to me the next time I visit. Razi was special. She didn't quite trust me, but loved me too. I'll miss her!!! Rose

  4. Thank you for your sweet and comforting thoughts. The house seems empty without Razi, but we are blessed by her off-spring. . .daughter-dog Tia. . .and grand-daughter-dog Coco.

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Oh How sad. My Alexis passed away last Jan. I know she is in Heaven waiting for me.


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