Friday, January 13, 2006

Teacup of the Day - Victorian Violets

This dainty, violets teacup is one of my favorites. Named "Victoria" and made by C & E in England, it is fine bone china. A delicate fluted edge is trimmed in gold and the handle has an unusual pointed top. Tiny violets in shades of purple adorn the front and back. A sprig of additional violets are centered inside the teacup, giving the sipper a gentle surprise as they drink their tea. I keep this teacup in a small, oak china closet that I inherited from my mother. Most of the teacups I display in this cabinet are violet or purple in color with paintings or decals of the flowers violets, pansies, or lavender.

This teacup was purchased at my favorite antique shop. Deitrich House Antiques fills an entire, three story house that was built in the early 1900's. It's proprietor, Connie, has fallen in love with England and travels there several times a year. She calls herself the 'queen of little things', as her purpose in England is to buy things that will fill her shop at home. Large items are too expensive to ship, but the small things fit into her luggage or can be mailed to the USA. I'm thankful that teacups and saucers are 'little things'. Her collection of beautiful teacups and saucers is magnificient! I always have a hard time deciding 'which one' to purchase, as they are all calling my name!

I never look at this teacup without thinking about my tea friend, Gwen in Ohio. Although we've never met in person, Gwen is one of those people who is a kindred-spirit. We've connected sweetly through computer chats and letters in the mail. When she saw the photo of this teacup she fell in love with it too! We've both been on a search everafter, for a teacup just like this one for her! The search goes on. . .we won't give up. Someday we will have twin teacups.

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