Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Constant Blessing ~ Write On Friend

Some people bring a smile to our lips every time we think of them. They are a constant blessing. Gwen is one of those people! Cheerful, creative, helpful, and energetic, she always shares with a joyful heart. She is one of my dearest friends, but we have never met in person --- yet. We became acquainted "too many years ago to count" on a home school chat site. Gwen is a gifted writer and conducts correspondence-type writing classes by Internet and mail. My sons became her students and a bond developed that will never be broken. She took them from being bored, sparse writers to gifted communicators of the written word. Her expertise, instruction, and inspirational methods helped develop boys who loved to write creatively. Long stories, colorful descriptions, and proper sentence structure and spelling spilled forth from their computer keyboards. They were motivated to write, and write they did! Gwen encouraged, corrected, suggested, and assisted in developing eager writers. The boys are now nearly grown and in college. My heart thanked Gwen again this past week when my youngest son sat down to write his first essay for English Composition 101. With purpose, confidence, and skill --- he set forth to express his thoughts on the benefits of wholistic education --- and he did it well. Gwen, through her encouragement and exhortation, prepared him more than enough. Thank you, friend!

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