Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Great-Uncle's Rock Shop

I don't know if ranchers ever really retire, but there was a time when great-uncle said he was now retired. The cattle were still on the ranch. Horses, donkeys, and goats still graced the corral. They all needed tending and care, but great-uncle declared that he was changing the course of his life. He decided that something else needed to fill his days. Rocks! He loved rocks, so creating rock slabs with painted pictures and rock clocks and rock trinkets became his passion! Of course, rock hounds love to talk and share --- and the best way for this to happen was to bring people to where he was! Great-uncle opened up a rock shop on the ranch. It doesn't smell like potpourri. Nor does it have tranquil music or fancy decor. Instead, it shares the heart of the man who created this space. Open shelves of rock book-ends, lamps, jewelry, and pieces are displayed in every room. Indian artifacts, hand-outs containing trivial bits of history, photos from the past, and books about the locale are scattered among the rocks. And through it all, great-uncle's hospitality shines forth with energy and friendship.

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