Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tea Traditions

Rituals and traditions are important for the well-being of the spirit. They create centeredness and security for an individual. Traditions established with loved ones and dear friends creates a bond that glues relationships together. Cherished traditions are a tie that binds.

Aunt Cella has created a tradition that I love! After living in Europe for thirty years, she has returned to her homeland. But, fond memories and friendships keep her connected to her home of adoption. Each year dear friends send her a large box of sweet treats from Germany and England. They are treasured and each bite relished! This special treat has been passed along to me in a tradition that Aunt Cella has created; each year she shares some of her lebkuchen and other treats with me for tea! If we are together, we have afternoon tea and enjoy chatting as we nibble. She always sends some home with me and I save them so that I can pass along the tradition too. During the winter months, my friend, Bonnie, and I meet with our families at the sea. We share the rest of Aunt Cella's lebkuchen together there as we sip our tea and watch the ocean waves. One simple package from Germany is passed on to create so many other traditions among dear ones. Yesterday my package arrived from Aunt Cella. I am saving some to share with Bonnie, but this afternoon I couldn't resist a cuppa tea with some of the goodies in Aunt Cella's package. Thank you, Aunt Cella! The lebkuchen, baumkuchen spitzen, and shortbread was delicious!

Aunt Cella is my prayer partner and in my package was a lovely devotional book called God Calling by A.J. Russell. I look forward to reading it.

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  1. What a lovely tradition. How blessed you are to have such a kind and thoughtful Aunt.
    We have a german christmas party every year and invite all our German friends. The food is all german and the baking too !


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