Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Winter Day and a Birthday Tea Party

Our winter days have been rainy and bleak. Everything looks the 'same' outside and I seek ways to remind myself of the more pleasant days of spring and summer. Yesterday I spent some time with my dear friend, Karleen. It reminded me of the birthday tea I prepared for her one recent spring. It was 'tea for two' and so much fun! The setting, my back porch. Dainty tea sandwiches, tender scones, and a variety of baby desserts were set on a three-tiered tray and garnished with tiny roses and pansy blossoms. A pot of hot tea with milk and sugar completed the tea table. Much friendly conversation and sharing added the final touch to a pleasant afternoon. Although the short days of winter are somewhat gloomy right now, perspective is everything, and remembering a special time helps break up the monotony. Tea anyone? Milk and sugar with yours?


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I recognized that picture immediately! That was a day I will never forget. Everything was so organized and pretty as only you can do! Thank you for a great memory.

  2. what a lovely tea ! Tea for two is often the most cherished.


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