Monday, January 02, 2006

To Dance on Sands

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While on a holiday in Death Valley in 1967, Marta Becket and her husband had a flat tire on their trailer. They were directed to an old service station at Death Valley Junction. While their tire was being fixed, Marta explored the abandonded buildings at the junction and fell in love! An old auditorium was calling her name! Marta was a professional dancer from New York City and had been on tour long enough. She dreamed of dancing her own dances, making her own costumes, and creating her own show. After some general inquiries, Marta rented the auditorium and has been giving a weekly show faithfully ever since. In the beginning, there were times when she did not have an audience, but audience or not, the show went on. Miss Beckett is now in her early 80's, but continues the tradition she established nearly 40 years ago.

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  1. Did you get to see the show ? What an interesting story


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