Monday, January 09, 2006

Houses of Stone

What do you use to create your own personal tower and fortress? What shields you from the world and the constant barrage of messages it spews forth? We cannot all build houses of stone with towers and walls to keep the outside out. But we can create a haven in our own small space. A tranquil, safe environment provides a safe environment for us and our loved ones. Simple acts of kindness; a daily home routine; a scented candle and a bubble bath; turning off the TV and listening to the quiet; taking time as a family to sit and talk; going for a walk with a child or friend; taking time with God and His word --- these are all small ways we can create a tower and fortress for ourselves and those we love. Although the world might toss it's darts of busyness, frantic schedules, and hard work our way, we can always stop for precious moments in time and renew our spirits by enjoying the small things in life.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Amen LaDonna!

  2. I second the AMEN. Our little home and our family is a fortress, mighty and strong. The Lord has richly blessed us with contentment and lack of want


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