Sunday, March 01, 2009

Friendship's Joy

Life interfaces with life. Every day we come in contact with people who make our lives more enjoyable. Relationships give us pleasure and joy. Most of us are creatures of routine, and these routines give us stability and security. If you are like me, you look forward to the people you meet routinely as you go through the flow of your life. I'd like you to meet one of my friends, Vi. She has her hair done at the salon each week. I'm not there weekly, but I always go at the same time on the same day of the week. Thus, I have come to know and appreciate Vi. She has an infectious smile and always shares a joke or two. We've even had lunch together and I have enjoyed listening to her life memories. She's been widowed for thirty years, but when you talk to her, the depth of her love for her husband strikes you. She speaks of him so fondly and as though he's been gone just a few short days. A few weeks ago she celebrated her 90th birthday and we all sang to her, brought her gifts, and enjoyed birthday cake together. Vi's friendship solidifies my belief that friendship is not dependant at all upon being the same age or being at the same place in life. Her friendship is a valued treasure.

While I am sharing, please indulge me as I continue with a funny story about her hairdresser. Heidi provides her with great service each week, treating her as a grandmother. She is one of the anchors in Vi's life. Well, years ago when Heidi was a high school student, she was in my class. My classroom had a dressing room with a large mirror at one end. Heidi would frequently disappear from class to go comb her hair or apply more make-up. I remember going in to the dressing room to get her, saying "Heidi, this is not cosmetology class. Come sit down at your desk again". She loves that story and we laugh about it together, as she eventually did go to cosmetology school and is now a gifted hairdresser. She gives me credit for planting the idea in her heart.

People make life meaningful. Enjoyment, security, and warmth result when we interface with others in a friendly way each day. I'm so glad to be able to interface with you as well! Blog friends are just as awesome as 90-year-old friends from the beauty salon or former students who like to tease.


  1. Vi and Heidi sound like delightful women. It is good to nurture friendship both in Real Life and in Blogdom.

    I, too, love my blog friends even if I do refer to you all as my figs (figments of my imagination).

    The photo that you took of your friends is a special one.

  2. oh ...this is just so sweet...and I too love my RLF (real life friends) and my blog friends....both are so include you !!!

  3. That's a lovely story. I've noticed that about the place where I get my hair cut, the women in the shop know their elderly clients especially. I've also noticed they are very good with the little ones.

    I love how you inspired your student all those years ago! We teachers don't always realize the long-term impact we have on our students...

  4. Good Morning, sweet friend! Sure have enjoyed reading this! We had a man come to our church a few years ago and talk about how God made us relational. It was really a neat talk!!

    I know I am highly relational, and thoroughly enjoy meeting new people as well as enjoying my trusted friends. I had an elderly neighbor friend that I adored much like Vi. Just a precious gem of a friend!

    So thankful for the joy you have brought to my life!

    Have a sunny week filled with lots of little joys!!

  5. I love the picture and story of Vi. I have a 93 year old friend named Ginny who I knit with. I also go to her house for tea and toast occasionally. And to glean as much wisdom from her as possible.
    Heidi's story is a great one too! I was a hairdresser at one time and my daughter is in cosmetology school too. Like us, it sounds like it was always in Heidi's blood. She just needed a good teacher to point her in the right direction!

  6. Yes, dear friends no matter what age are priceless. My blogging friends are special to me too, including you.

  7. That is very sweet story about two lovely ladies. It's good to know that people can still be so kind.
    WE all need "relationship"......that's why I think blogging has become so important.
    Women need other women.
    Young and old.
    I love it.

  8. Thank you for sharing this story....a wonderful tribute to friends, of whatever age.

  9. I enjoyed the story about Vi, and also about Heidi!

    Does Vi have a little dog carrier in her hand?


  10. A lovely story, and a lovely tribute to friends. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Thank you for this beautiful story !! I work out of my home (piano) and don't get to be with my friends much (when they're working, I'm not; when I'm working, they're not). The ladies on the 3 blogs I follow are becoming my friends. Your blog is one I visit daily, for it's beauty & spirituality! Thank you again! XO!

  12. I agree!

    Vee, I like your reference of us! Figs, lol!


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