Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sagebrush by Shore

gray green leaves
with tiny yellow blossoms
late summer.

Early spring
leaves brittle and tight
awaiting sunshine
to make them supple
and fragrant.

River smooth as glass
walking the shore with
no worry of snakes
because of coldness in the air.

Awaiting trains,
sure to pass
with a toot and a wave
the engineer enjoys
sharing friendliness
in this isolated place.

Sand, twigs, prickers,
the shore
driftwood and stones
tossing games
walking paths and
balancing rail.

Thankfulness for wide
open spaces, quiet,
nature, and God's grace.


  1. Seems we're all yearning for warmer, better, brighter days ahead...

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    It's's coming!

    Beautiful setting and photo!

  3. Love the poem and picture!
    Have a lovely and blessed day!

  4. This picture makes me miss my first dog Nikki. There was a place along the river that looks very similar to this that we used to take her for walks. I miss that landscape.

  5. Beautiful picture Where is it taken LaDionna??

  6. Beautiful! How inspiring! Thank you!


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