Sunday, March 08, 2009

Flowers and Sparkles

Desiring spring, little bits of color and early season's blossoms added color and cheer to the table decor during a birthday week-end. Gluten-free cakes, decorated with flowers and sparkles, were topped with Soy Good frozen dessert. Narcissus set in a base of sea shells, tiny eggs in nest under dome, and a tiny bouquet of snowdrops set atop a chocolate cake made the celebration pretty, but best of all were the young adults who came home for the week-end to share of their time, energy, and gift of love. Funny cards to make us laugh --- sweet sentiments added with pen and ink --- remembering times past and thinking up plans for the future. Blessed.


  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Happy Birthday !!! what a beautiful table setting...and the cake looks scrumptious, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend,and I'm glad your boys could be there to celebrate with is truly a Blessing! Love,Paula

  2. Beautiful - it made me smile! :)

  3. Sounds like it was a perfect birthday. Your pictures are so lovely to look at!

  4. Sweet little bits. The flowers are so pretty. It'll be awhile for me, but in the meantime, the Christmas cactus continues to bloom for me inside.


  5. Hey Gal!! You had a birthday??!!
    Well I hope it was great fun!! Love this beautiful collage!! So many pretties!!

    Have a lovely day, and know you're appreciated by this little bloggin gal!!

  6. Love the collage of pretties! Sounds like a perfect celebration...

  7. We enjoyed a birthday weekend in our world, too, but it wasn't as lovely as yours! I just love to look at your collages.

  8. Beautiful! Happy Birthday! What a treat to feast your eyes on! It must have been delicious!

    Spring is near. But there are still no Grass Widows blooming on the other end of town yet. Last year we photographed them on Feb. 28. I'll check again this week. Especially if we get another warm day. There is snow on the ground this morning. We do have some crocus though.

  9. Such lovely flowers & sparkles. Looks & sounds like the birthday weekend was wonderful. Nothing compares to good memories in the making with our loved ones {especially when there's beautiful food involved!}.


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