Sunday, March 22, 2009

Authentically Vintage

Authentically vintage! This beautiful room reminds me of the lovelies I've been posting from Elm Street Antiques. If you are a regular reader of Gracious Hospitality, you know that this shop inspires me each time I'm there. Paula tends the shop, so you've heard me speak mostly of her, but it's co-owned by her sister, Terri. And this, dear readers, is a scene from Terri's home. She lives in another state, but her influence is felt keenly in the shop that she and Paula keep. Recently Paula went to visit her sis, and snapped pictures to share of all the lovely vintage corners in each and every room. Thank you, Terri, for giving permission to post them here. I know that readers will find them as charming and serene as I do. So stay tuned, more scenes to follow as the days go by.

What is it that you find most quaint and charming in this room?


  1. It's all darling. I really like the open screen doors on the cabinet. That's unique!

  2. Oh, it's all precious! I love the skirt at the bottom of the hutch.


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