Friday, March 27, 2009

Laundry Flair

Let's visit Terri again. Her gentle vintage flair leaves no place untouched. We've enjoyed visiting vignettes scattered throughout her home and the tranquility of her powder room. Today we'll take a peek at her laundry space. There is no space left behind! Instead of utilitarian folding doors, Terri has created a soft and welcoming space to do her laundry by the use of cotton curtains that are hung above a inset opening. Her washer and dryer are behind the curtains. What a romantic look and one that makes me feel like doing laundry is a genteel pleasure rather than a task I need to endure. Have I ever told you that folding clothes is one of my least favorite activities? Maybe if my laundry room looked like this, I'd change my mind. Thank you, Terri, for sharing the important, little corners of your home!


  1. Thanks for sharing Terri's vintage home. What a nice touch to have the curtains in her laundry area. It is funny how we all have the things we like and the things we don't like about homekeeping.

  2. She's created a sweet corner for laundry. My laundry room is in the dungeon. No wonder I hate doing the laundry and, like you, I intensely dislike folding.

  3. HI!! Laundry...well, those who know me know that it is really the only household chore that I truly struggle with having joy in doing!

    I have plans to make my laundry room pretty, however now it is nothing more than a utility room...UGLY and depressing!! Just isn't high on the list of priorities right first things first, I guess!!


  4. Great idea and she can even have on set of curtains for fall-winter and another for spring-summer.


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