Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vintage Vignettes

Terri's house has sweet surprises in scattered throughout every room. Just like at the shop that she and Paula 'keep' on Elm Street, her home is filled with interesting things that remind of days gone by. Gentle vignettes of interest await in every room. Vignettes: a word that means a short scene or to describe in a brief way. From the Old French for vigne, or vine - which comes from the use of vine tendrils in decorative borders. Terri's vignettes really are short scenes, each a story unto itself. They are scenes that would meld exactly onto pages of a book adorned with borders of tendrils that wind around the edges of a page. Thus, each becomes a page unto itself in the book of a beautiful home. They are storybook rooms mastered by author Terri who's skills as artist are just as effective as an author who has a delightful way with words.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at some of the outlining features in Terri's home. Please stop by again.


  1. I enjoy a good vignette...thanks for the etymology! Your friend's home looks like a charming place. I'm so glad that she's sharing it with your readers.

  2. The violin has a way of speaking to me. The only thing I have from my birth grandfather is an old violin which I pictured in my last topper on my blog (not presently). After I took the photo it crashed to the floor and broke into several pieces. This morning my husband used gorilla glue to "restore" the damage so to speak. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  3. This is beautiful - I love vignettes and have several around my front room. Thanks for sharing these - great inspiration.

  4. Terri has such cool things, I am ready to move in. Clarice


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