Monday, March 09, 2009

Tea Guys

Thank you, tea-guys, for your enthusiastic service at 'afternoon tea'. Your smiles and appreciation for the tea experience warmed my heart. It's a huge task to be responsible for an entire tea room! I am lifting my teacup to you!

To link to another interesting tea guy, visit 42Leaf.


  1. Tea Guys! I'm really impressed, too and I wasn't even there :0)

  2. These guys must have done a superb job. I wish that I had been there!

  3. I love "tea guys"! I used to go to a church that held a ladies Victorian Tea every year. All the men rented tuxedos and served the ladies all evening. It was very elegant and the "tea guys" were always awesome!
    Keep it up guys!
    I've been to your sons blog and LOVE it!:)

  4. Perfect! Tea-guys are the best.


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