Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upside Down Spring

Do you turn your house upside down in the spring? Not literally, of course, but in a spring cleaning kind of way? I used to enjoy reading old-fashioned books where spring cleaning was done and the author described how they polished and dusted the parlor. Ma Ingalls, Laura, and Mary were such hard workers! Nowadays when we think of spring cleaning, it often means not only cleaning, but reorganizing or changing our home displays and decor. Winter things are put away, and lighter colors and spring themed items are set out to enjoy. Sometimes a window shopping trip to a favorite store helps to inspire and motivate us in this direction. It's fun to see how displays are set up and to glean ideas for reusing and displaying the things we already have. Occasionally a new item or two is all that's needed to create an entirely new look in a cozy corner or on a display table. If you click on this picture, it will enlarge and maybe you can glean some new ideas for displays in your home. Enjoy!


  1. Good morning! I found your blog and love it! Everything is so pretty and relaxing. I'll be visiting again. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am just beginning my much needed Spring cleaning! I love re-decorating for this time of year!
    Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  3. I love the soft greens in the pictures. The little blue and yellow birds also speak to me. I am feeling the need to soft the colors and bring them into my life.

  4. I need some serious spring cleaning! I'm ready to bring out some spring decor too. It's always nice to have the change.

  5. Fun post. Gorgeous stuff.


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