Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green Pea Soup for Spring!

Simple suppers on blustery spring evenings should be easy, warm, and vibrant to match the weather. At least that's how I see it! Green pea soup is just the thing to center a menu around on days like today. Fast and easy, it utilizes dried green peas that have been flaked and packaged by the bulk package person at the health food store. Seasonings like onion, salt, and garlic have been added along with plenty of pure, fresh water. So simple, yet so good! Garnished with cilantro leaves and radish circles, this tasty soup is served with fresh gluten-free biscuits for a wholesome and delicious ending to a busy day. My bag of little green pea soup flakes cost $6.00 and has prepared three meals for two or three so far. It looks like there's still one to go. Yum!


  1. It's beautiful and so green! Pea soup...nope, can't do it. :D

    I'll show it to my beloved and see if he can.

  2. Pretty soup - unfortunately, hubby thinks there are 2 vegetables in the world - corn & potatoes!

  3. That sounds so good. I love the idea of a radish slice. I am growing radish and this gives me an idea.


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