Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lavender Dreams

When it comes to spring, I think I might be one of the most impatient people in the world! Oh, are you impatient too? Although the calendar says that spring is officially here, it has been cold, blustery, and with skies of gray. Sometimes the sunshine peeks through the clouds, but it seems to say "not yet" and disappear behind the clouds again. The daffodils are bravely showing their faces and the lilac bushes are sending out little green buds, but otherwise not much has shown sign of progress in the flower beds. Rylan hoed the vegetable garden earlier this week and it's ready for planting, but I think things need to warm up a bit more first. The waiting is so difficult! As I said, I'm so impatient for my favorite season of the year.

In the meantime, I dream about June days when the roses are in bloom --- and the lavender plants are in full bud. The lavender tea set has been washed, dried, and put back on the shelf --- awaiting the days when 'lavender tea' can be enjoyed again. Lavender scones, lavender sugar, and lavender tea --- all made from fresh, organic lavender bud --- pure heaven!

Here's how to make a perfect cuppa lavender tea:

Lavender Tea

1 pot of your favorite tea (plain)
1 tsp. of fresh, organic lavender bud

Steep for 3 - 4 minutes and decant. Serve with your favorite sweetener (mine is the sweet herb stevia) and enjoy!

It is SO delicious! There's something delightful about the astringent and distinctive taste of lavender. Give it a try.


  1. I love lavender! It is one of my favorite fragrances. I've never tried lavender tea before. Sounds very good!

  2. ...Oh...I am impatient as well...and we have had way to much rain here...and too much cold...and I too love lavender....
    I am anticipating warm weather so much this year.

  3. Pretty tea set with the lavender buds!

    My grandmother used to never plant her garden until Good Friday, or after. I'm wondering if that "rule" applies when Easter and Good Friday are so late, such as this year? Since it's still so cold in so many parts of the country, maybe it's a good idea this year!


  4. I must say I am impatient for spring too. Winter is my least favorite time. I am a California girl at heart and love the sunshine.

  5. I find lavender best taken in small's too intense for my bedroom, but if it's very faint, I like it a lot. I've only had lavender tea once and I didn't make it myself. I'm not sure that I even remember it...if I have the opportunity (I do have a lavender kit to plant), I'll do it!

  6. Oh, what beautiful china! Spring is so worth the wait, but patience is not my strength. ;-)

  7. I love lavendar. I have it dried and hanging in my cabin. It smells wonderful, but I've never tried tea before. yummy I'm having a Donation Giveaway at my blog!!! Please tell all your friends! Blessings, Mikki

  8. This sounds like the perfect post for me...Lavender Dreamer! I love the sweet recipe for Lavender tea! YUMMY!

  9. Thank you for the lovely tea recipe!

  10. This tea set is too sweet!
    And I love lavendar tea!


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