Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shore Walk

Starfish, jelly fish, sea anemone, mussels, tiny fish in tide pools, Gorse like Scotch Broom, crashing waves, smooth sand, filtered sunshine, dog prints on the sand, holding hands, joy.

Click to enlarge photo.


  1. Awesome!! I recognize it and ooh I wanna go back to this beautiful beach!

  2. Were you recently in Bandon? I have a tea friend in Bandon. She use to own a teashop there. But oh the ocean, it is drawing me there. You captured it so beautifully in all of your pictures.

  3. Beautiful photos. I love the collage.

  4. Your photos capture the beauty of Bandon perfectly. Face Rock has quite a legend to relate. The scenes of my favorite shore area brought a smile to my face. By the way, the yellow-blooming plant is not Scotch Broom, although it looks much like it. It is called Gorse and was introduced by early settlers from Ireland. It is nearly impossible to control and is highly flammable. It was the cause of a major fire, much like the San Francisco fire, in the early 1900's. Bandon was completely rebuilt but was never the same again. Everyone in that region works very hard to control it because they all know it could happen again - faster than possible to control.

  5. A beautiful collage!


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