Friday, February 06, 2009

Grab a Spot of Tea

Bucky and I are relaxing this evening. It's been a busy week and I'm trying to remember all the things I have set aside to blog about this week. For example, the "Life" section of our local newspaper is published each Wednesday. It's my favorite part of the newspaper! It's filled with seasonal ideas related to food, recipes, gardening tips, and home decorating ideas. This week the headlines on the first page of this newspaper section grabbed my attention. Grab a spot of tea in Victoria, it said. Now, I am not close to Victoria, BC, but someone reading this may be. If so --- I thought it my teaful duty to make sure you knew of a wonderful opportunity in your back yard. The Victoria Tea Festival is February 14 and 15 at the Crystal Garden, an exhibition hall next door to the Fairmont Empress Hotel. From noon until 5:00 on each of these days, many things related to tea will be offered: tea tastings, tea and food selections, and lectures and demonstrations on many tea topics. Hundred's of teas and tea-related products will also be for sale. The Victoria Tea Festival is a benefit event to help support the Camosun College Child Care Services of the city. There is more information about this event available on their website.


  1. I'm not close to Victoria, but I do enjoy pictures of Bucky. He sure is a beautiful cat!!

  2. I have always wanted to go there!
    Guess who is going there next month - Janet, lucky her!


  3. I am a bit closer than you--but can't do it..we are trying to sell our other home----know of anyone over here ? Can send you a link to my blog that is only for selling our house.
    Love Bucky's picture...looks so cozy...and I am drinking so Chamomille tea as I type this tonight....

  4. I thought about having a booth at that show, but weather for traveling is so "iffy" at this time of the year. I would love to go though.

  5. What a precious kitty picture!

  6. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Bucky is awfully pretty.


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