Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February Faith and Hope

Sweet February, one month closer to spring. It's the month of love and romance, of sweetheart candies and chocolates that melt in your mouth! And it's the month to start wandering through the garden paths, looking for the little shoots of green snowdrop and crocus bulbs. Always trying to push spring, I tend to look for every little sign that brings the hope of green and growth! The stray snowstorm that passes through is wished away, and my eyes look for the first potted tulips and primroses at the market. February is a month of faith, hope, and anticipation. For me it's a month of renewal. What does February mean to you?

"Keep your faith in beautiful things;
in the sun when it is hidden,
in the Spring when it is gone."

- Roy R. Gibson


  1. It really is a month of looking forward to something new for me. Anticipation and renewal and a strengthening of love for one another...

  2. February means love, romance, roses, and hope for the new year and the Spring that's just at its heels!

  3. Well it will soon be Tulips and Daffodils--and of course Valentines day----and then the time change is just around the corner in March will bring the time change---I enjoy the longer days.

  4. Unusual as it might seem, I enjoy January and February. For me, it is a time of fresh newness and a reprieve from holiday clutter. After the holidays, I welcome the slower pace and the calmer days. I find even the dreary weather cozy and a reason to just hibernate close to the fireplace and a pot of tea. It's a time to organize home, thoughts and projects and to begin planning for the coming year. I sometimes feel concerned this time will pass too quickly, but then each season has it's own sweetness about it.

  5. I love your thinking. February can be cold and long but your positive thinking is good. I've been looking for signs of spring too. We are having some strangely warm days this week - after all the ice last week. Yesterday I saw daffodil leaves peaking out of the ground. Thank you Lord!

  6. Good morning, friend! February is bringing our coldest weather down here, and while I enjoy the touch of winter, I find myself awaiting the freshness of spring, and the warmth of summer. The spring greens in FL are delightful, and tho the summers can be quite hot, I have grown to love them!

    Have a lovely day!

  7. February means Beauty to me...that is my new mantra! Love your quote!

  8. Anonymous8:43 AM

    February in Colorado means that winter - yes winter is yet to come. We get the most snow in March and more in April and can snow even into May...we have had lots of 70 degrees weather lately.
    We are in need of moisture any way it comes along the front range because everything looks fried.
    The winter is when we watch the birds at the feeders! Lots of fun!

  9. Anonymous5:09 PM

    For me February is about leaning into contentment. I find it a hard month. I long for sunshine and longer days,the pacific northwest can be dark and rainy in February. I have trying to remind myself that I will have happiness when I am content with the season I am in and look for joy in the little things.

  10. February is heart month - a good time to do a checkup on our hearts - curb our anger and impatience, forgive, ask for forgiveness, and LOVE!


  11. For me, February is those last few dark early morning hours before the dawn...always has been anyway. I hope that I'll feel better about February this year.

  12. For me, February means one year older - and in my mind that translates to the beginning of another new year and a new start!


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