Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tea Month Give-Away

Our attention to National Hot Tea Month in January was interesting. I know I learned a few new things about tea, and I hope you did as well. It's time for our give-away drawing now. I hope everyone who wanted to enter remembered to leave a comment. I have written each entry on a slip of paper, doubled the amounts for those who posted a link on the sidebar of their blog, and then cut the slips of paper into individual pieces. There were more than 300 entries for this give-away. I really enjoyed everyone's comments and encouragement. It was really fun to hear from others in blogland, especially since January can be a bit of a dull month after Christmas and all. It was a great time to interact with friends. I wish I could send this little package to each one of you! But since I cannot, I plan on having another drawing again soon, so stay tuned.

Without much further ado, let me find Brent and have him draw a name out of a container.

And the winner is: Katherine from Yellow Rose Arbor. Her comment about the posted recipe for Oatmeal, Date, and Cinnamon Scones read ~

"I think I'll make these tonight, I've been wanting something special to have for breakfast, and these should be healthy! Katherine"

Later I received this email from her. I love it when cooks are ingenious and start subbing different ingredients for the things they don't have:

"This morning I made scones, but last night when I started trying to put the dry ingredients together I found I didn't have enough of the required ingredients. I only had 1/2 cup WW flour. I don't remember using it up and haven't bought more. I also didn't have dates, or the soy milk. So I sorta used that recipe, but probably created a new recipe. This is what I did: I reversed the flour, using the 1/2 cup WW flour, and the larger amount of the plain flour. I subbed regular milk, 2% instead of the soy. And for the dates, you'll never guess what I did, something I've never done before, it just came to me! I have a Claxton's fruit cake here, do you know what they are? I chopped slices of it up and used that for the dates! LOL! It turned out pretty good!"

Wasn't she creative? That's what healthy cooking is all about!

Congratulations, Katherine, for being drawn for Gracious Hospitality's celebration of National Hot Tea Month!


  1. Congrats to Katherine---I have enjoyed your posts LaDonna---I have been reading your blog, almost from the beginning and still consider one of my favorites..
    You offer us so much in blogland.
    Thank you

  2. Congratulations to Katherine!

    No soy milk here either and no dates so I used figs. I really had no idea that they weren't one and the same. Anyway, that recipe is staying in the cookbook as we both loved it!

  3. Oh, if I couldn't win I'm so thrilled one of my friends was the winner! Congratulations to Katherine. This was a fun give-away. Thanks for doing it. ~Adrienne~

  4. Oh, my! I won! That is great! Those gifts are great! Thank you LaDonna! (And thank you, Brent, for drawing my name!!)


  5. How wonderful for Katherine!!
    Hope all is well with you, and that you have a wonderful week!!

    I guess I should get to bed!!

  6. I am so happy for Katherine, she'll be getting someting fun!

  7. Ever give any thought to organizing some type of tea-related swap this spring? It would be a fun follow-up to your blog-a-thon of last year.

  8. Yeah to the winners!

  9. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Congratulations to katherine :>) Thank you LaDonna for hosting this fun event.

  10. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Best wishes and congrats to Katherine!

  11. Congratulations to Katherine. She is the perfect tea lady to win. I never would have thought of using the fruit cake ingredient. Very clever!


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