Sunday, February 08, 2009

Content with Simple

Do you remember the exciting Saturday nights of your youth? They were times when friends would meet for pizza or a movie; or when a group would get together for games and popcorn at an other's house. Of course those times are still fun, but somehow the flow of life changes over time, and we are content with simple, less formal 'events' to entertain us. My friend, Tari, visited last night to install the wiring and lighting in our kitchen island. We shared tea and conversation, enjoyed as we worked together. She brought her Jack Russell Terrier and her Blue Heeler ---- and they entertained our Schnauzers. Bucky, the cat, disappeared from view until morning! He was not in the mood for company of the canine persuasion! How interesting to realize where life takes you. Who'd of thought, thirty-five years ago, that friends who met at piano lessons would some day be wiring a kitchen together!


  1. Wow! You have smart friends! Hope that we get to see this island all finished and ready to go.

  2. What a special friend! I am so glad you have a friend that you could share in the joys or tea, dogs, and wiring your kitchen island. How special is that!

  3. Anonymous6:43 PM

    You know a friend is a true friend when they are helping you to install your wiring and lighting in your kitchen.;) I agree,those are good times.
    Take care,

  4. I'm so impressed with a lady electrician! And she's a tea drinker too! Yes!


  5. Ask Tari if she would be my friend too! She can even bring her doggies~the more the merrier!


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