Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Violets for You!

Today I discovered the first wildflowers of spring! Tiny purple violets peek out from corners and crevices by a wooden walk.

Happy dance! Spring is near!


  1. What a gorgeous picture. Happy dance for Spring here too!

  2. Beautiful photo! I love violets!


  3. Thank you for posting the lovely photo! I NEED spring!!

  4. ooooh.....so pretty---it is just around the corner. Hooray--Happy Dance here too.

  5. I will have to go search our yard and see if I might find one too. The first flower of spring makes me so excited! I just love violets.

    But today I'm sick and chilling easily, and so I'd better not stray far from my blankets, even though the sun is shining. I'll look as soon as possible though.

    Your tea at the sea poetry is as beautiful as the photos that accompany it. You must have had a delightful time.



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