Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tea Parties

Tea parties are such a lovely way to celebrate a day. . .or to simply relax in the midst of a busy schedule. A daily cuppa tea or tisane is a part of my daily routine; actually I partake several times a day. My tea of choice changes changes with seasons and moods. Right now I'm enjoying an herbal tea called "Calli", a delightful tea made by Sunrider Herbs International. Sweetened with stevia, it is simply the best! In addition to the tea beverage, the ceremony of tea requires equal attention if you want to enjoy the tea experience to the fullest. Whether it's a simple cup of tea served in a porcelain cup that you sip alone in a quiet room. . .or tea cups shared with friends in a tea room with linens, lace, scones, and sweets. . .the process of taking tea is something that can brighten even the darkest day. My first tea experiences occurred as a child when I poured 'water-tea' from a child's tea set with my dollies. Later, when herbal teas became the fad, our family would gather for tea from china mugs each Friday evening after the end of a busy week. Mom, sis, and I would usually wear our long granny dresses, as were the fashion of the day. We'd sit in front of the fireplace, soaking up the heat and chatting with one another and with Dad, sipping on our delicious tisanes. I will admit that Dad never really enjoyed the actual beverage as much as the rest of us, but he was a good sport. All these memories, triggered because of a simple post by Elizabeth Joy on her blog, Mama's Song. Her daughter, Emily Rose, had a birthday tea party this week and what fun! Please drop by to wish Emily Rose a happy birthday. And take a look at all the great ideas her Mama came up with to celebrate this eventful day: games, foods, favors, and even handmade aprons for each guest. Please, drop by for an inspiring post.


  1. Oh what gorgeous violets111 Gwen

  2. I knew Gwen would like those violets!!

    Tea time is my most favorite way to relax! I love everything about it!


  3. My Grandaughter have wonderful tea parties together. Mary

  4. La Tea Dah, thank you for your sweet words about my tea party post. It is interesting that tea has been a part of your life for such a long time. How nice that your dad was such a good sport. I wonder how many people learn to enjoy tea when it wasn't a part of their childhood? I wonder if it is something that is passed on, maybe to those with English heritage. Tea wasn't common in my childhood, but I do remember enjoying cups of peppermint tea with my grandma. It was always nicest when the peppermint came from her garden. She was the one who taught me to love spearmint tea too. Even my mom says it isn't as good today as the kind we used to drink.

  5. Oh, I have a book just like that only I think its pansies instead of voilets. Will have to check and see, but its the same binding, just a different flower

  6. What lovely memories!
    I just had my Christmas Tea on Sunday. I love opening my home and sharing the many joys of taking tea together, don't you?
    I think the violets are quite lovely as well. I have a beautiful tea cup with violets on it that was given to me by a coworker years ago. It always reminds me of my grandmother who loved violets.


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