Friday, November 02, 2007

The Inspired Room

Melissa at The Inspired Room is having a very lovely blog party! She's giving away some beautiful gifts and has really outdone herself with some interesting photos and prose. Please stop by for a cuppa tea and tell her that LaTeaDah sent you!

Enjoy a lovely day!


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Oh, I simply must have a nibble of that cheese when you get to the party!

    You are definitely a BFF. Thank you, see you and your friends there! I must scurry back before anyone notices I have left! I have heard Ashton and Demi are coming! Can you believe it!?


  2. Anonymous7:11 AM

    hello! Why not bring that plate of goodies over to my house and I'll brew a pot of tea and we can spend the day chatting and watching the little birds hop around my backyard?


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