Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ever frugal, Brent found this cable for sale in a metal yard. He had to hunt for it amongst scrap metal that was being recycled. Strong pieces were found, but they were under piles of steel and had to be pulled out, since the items on top could not be moved. Thus, he was only able to obtain three long pieces. Not bad for $6.00! Then, of course, he needed the hardware to piece the cables together into one long piece. Hmmm, that was $28.00. So much for frugality! Brent intends to fasten the giant old tree to the base of another strong tree nearby. It won't necessarily keep it from falling in a storm, but hopefully if it falls, it will fall in a direction that is not towards the cabin. Even after all his careful planning this week, Brent was short several fasteners needed to finish the job; an excuse to take another trip up the mountain and enjoy a brisk and snowy day again soon.

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  1. This reminds me exactly of something my own beloved would do. Hunt, and poke around until he'd find the right stuff for next to nothing.
    As long as it gets the job done.


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