Monday, November 05, 2007

A Raven of a Time

Last week-end our family enjoyed observing large flocks of ravens from the cabin point. They were flying far below us, soaring over tree-tops and ridges. Graceful swoops and strong wings kept us quite entertained as they called to one another and seemed to be having a very social time together. Did you know that ravens have the largest brain of any bird species? Their cognitive processes include an ability to problem-solve as well as imitate and have insight into situations. They have been known to get other creatures to do their work for them, calling to wolves and coyotes to tear apart carcases so that they don't have to do so much work to get their food. Usually ravens are seen in pairs, as they travel with their mate. The flocks that gather are usually young ravens that travel together and form a sort of social bond. They can be very quarrelsome birds, but exhibit strong devotion to their family unit. An interesting bird, much time can be spent observing and enjoying their interaction together.


  1. You might enjoy reading Berndt Heinrichs books on Ravens, espeically Ravens in Winter. He has studied them, raised them, and draws them. His books are fascinating. He is a Prof in Vermont

  2. Two years ago I found a stuffed raven at a gift shop and decided it needed to live in my home for the autumn season. We named it CARL, but I really don't know why. After that, my son found a wonderful owl for Christmas for me (DH named him HOOTER) and then there came a great bunny for spring (HARVARD hare) and a penguin (PENGIE) from my daughter. These children are young grown adults but the fun we have had with this is the best in years. I love CARL the best. He was a first and its fun to put him out. Loved seeing your post on all of this.

  3. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Interesting information on these birds... I am glad I found your blog. I too am a tea lover so I am particularly drawn to your tea-related links. I will check them out.

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  5. My Second/Spirit name is Tenacious Vivacious White Raven. This a name that God had given me. I am Native American by blood.


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