Monday, November 05, 2007

Simple blue forget-me-knots grace this simple Mikasa plate. The scalloped edges add charm and I like the way they add radiance to the floral design.

If you decide to add decals to china, be sure to run a test batch first, especially if you are using your favorite china! Each type of china fires differently and there is a definite unpredictability factor involved with each type of glaze. Some can 'pit' or come out rough and it's hard to know which ones will do this until you try it. I haven't had any trouble using plates with a metallic border on them, but my ceramics friend says that it could also be a problem, so use caution. I prefer to use china that is inexpensive and not irreplaceable (no sentimental value) so that I'm not disappointed if something doesn't turn out. On the whole, this craft has been quite successful and with few duds.

Ceramics decals can be purchased at a ceramics shop. If they don't carry any you like, ask to see their decal books. They are filled with many traditional and modern designs that you can order. You are sure to find something that will please your eye.

Have fun! It's so easy you might feel like you are cheating a bit, but the end results are beautiful and so much fun to add to your home decor.


  1. Gracious they're all gorgeous!! I would love to do something like this. But I don't know of anyone with a kiln. I used to take ceramics years ago. And I was pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. Not nearly as good as my mother! But better than decent.


  2. I'd forgotten how much fun ceramics can be. My first few years of teaching I was at a school that had a kiln, and several wives and I used to meet weekly to create all kinds of beautiful things. Yours, though, are prettier than anything we did. What fun!

  3. are so clever...these are beautiful..

  4. Well you own a BEAUTIFUL collection LaDonna!

  5. I have never done this La-Te-Dah. very interesting. Clarice

  6. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Of the plates you've shown, this would have to be my favorite. I love forget-me-nots. :) Take care,

  7. I love that plate! What a great idea! You are so creative!


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