Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tree Huggers

I suppose you could call our family 'tree huggers'. Not in the traditional sense --- we haven't climbed a tree and lived in it for weeks to keep loggers from cutting it down. But we do love trees. Sometimes a tree grows old or gets broken in a storm. Much discussion ensues in our family as to whether it should be cut down or simply trimmed back with hopes that it will send forth new twigs that will grow to branches and revive the tree. During the boys early adolescence I remember many conversations and opinions from them about a tree that mom or dad deemed hopeless and they sought to save. This love for trees has extended to our mountain property as well. Trees on the mountain are frequently the victim of winter's storms. Each spring when roads are cleared of snowdrifts enough to traverse them once again, we find three or four of our tall trees that have fallen prey to the fate of nature. These trees become firewood and are not wasted, but we so miss their majestic beauty. This autumn Brent and I spent much time discussing our beautiful signature tree by the cabin. We're always aware of how a tall tree can fall during storm winds. This awareness is very keen during a nighttime storm when you are sleeping in the cabin loft with rooftop sloping near you. If a tree falls on the cabin it could cause much damage and danger. We have been babying this old giant along, hoping that it will stay strong and true. But a crack in at the base of the tree shows some damage and it's age --- so we are slowly agreeing that maybe it needs to be cut down. This decision was made late in the season and winter is upon us. So, for this winter we've come up with another solution that might save the tree from chainsaws sharpness for just a little bit longer.


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Hi LaDonna - Sure hope Brent has saved that beauty!! Also glad that the tree is no longer pointing toward the cabin!! I lost a tree not long ago and was sick about it. I now have a darling SMALL maple planted in the yard and can't wait for it to grow!! Gwen

  2. We love trees too, and do all we can to save them. Everything looks so beautiful with the fluffy white covering. It snowed this morning at our house too, much to the delight of the young household trumpeters. You could hear them exclaiming with joy from the first peep out the window. Snow BEFORE Thanksgiving! Their hearts are so happy.

    It's been a busy weekend and I haven't had a chance to be at my computer since I received your email until now, so expect one soon.

  3. I am so glad he is saving or at least securing it for safety sake. I too love trees. It is all I can do not to cry when we come home to the desert from the high country. In my dreams I live in the woods.

  4. Call me a tree hugger, too, LaDonna. I love trees and hate to see one cut down. One of our neighbours cut down a HUGE maple tree a couple of years ago. I didn't see anything wrong with it AND it sat on the southwest corner of their property...can we say shade all summer! Anyway, I was outside working in my garden when they started to take it down and I was so upset I had to go inside until they were done. It bothered me for days.


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