Monday, November 19, 2007


My new little snowman bank is waving at you! He's one of my little perks to make my housework interesting. Do you have little tricks that the mundane more fun? Since the boys were small, I've kept a piggy bank in the utility room. It's been made known that any money that gets left in pockets and ends up in the washing machine belongs to me! Okay, so sometimes I share and use the contents for a family treat --- and sometimes it just becomes my 'reward' for being the laundress of the household. This season I've replaced the piggy bank with my new snowman bank. Laundry anyone? Just send those jeans over (as long as they have coins in them) and I'll wash them for you!


  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    He is very cute...yes I keep the money for all my hard work.

  2. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Very cute, both the snowman and the story. :)
    Here's hopin' that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. How cute is that little guy?? I love snowmen. I have them everywhere at Christmas and a few I don't ever take down. HA! My husband threatens to throw any new snowman away when I'm not looking. But the joke is on him because I have so many...he doesn't know which one is new and which one is a valued keepsake.


  4. Oh yes, I call it Laundress pay ;-) I love the idea of having the bank handy. I don't get paid as well now that the boys are gone though. LOL

  5. Everything lovely here!
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!
    (Just love your snow collage too!)
    Blessings to you! Claudia O.

  6. Cute bank! I really like this idea and am going to do the same thing. Thanks LaDonna!

  7. How fun is that? Wow, I could have made a few bucks in my years of doing laundry. Shoot, I wonder if I could ask for some back pay?

  8. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Great idea! And don't you just love it when you find a crumpled dollar bill or two?

  9. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I love your little snowman bank! It is interesting how much money you can make with that little arrangement!

  10. Anonymous3:09 PM

    ..Oh the good days are the ones when they forget the bills!!!! I have a little jar above the dryer. Now that all but one of the boys have moved out... my tips are a lot less.

  11. Adorable snowman. I bought a cute longaberger basket Mason jar for this very thing. However, I have never been as generous as you when it comes to sharing the windfall!

  12. I like your piggy bank. I have a cow thats a piggy bank right here on my desk and guess what? Before sending my clothes to be washed I empty out all the change and put it in my piggy bank cow. Bob.


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