Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wild Baby's Breath

Nearby fields and roadsides in our community burst into bloom with wild baby's breath every June. The mounds of this frilly white plant looks like puffs of clouds in the otherwise bleak, dry fields and roadside berms. It always amazes me how the baby's breath thrives under these conditions. Tiny little white flowers daintily grace the high-shrub steppe landscape.


  1. When I *used* to have favorites...baby's breath was mine..for many years...now as I am OLDER and somewhat wiser..I cannot have favorites..but love them all...what a beautiful sight...lovely.

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Just taking a moment to invite those on my blogroll to play Kitchen Bingo. Your readers are invited too!! Have a grand day!


  3. Anonymous2:06 PM

    You just have to make a centerpiece with that beautiful baby's breath and post it on the centerpiece of the month!
    Check out the details...
    pretty please =D

  4. I have this growing all over my hillside in the back of the house. I agree with your son... it should smell better. I hang it to dry in the greenhouse and my husband is famous for saying, " I actually think real baby's breath smells better than this." When I lived in the Tri-Cities there was a place down along the river by Finley that had fields of it just like your picture.

  5. The baby's breath is really beautiful, it must be wonderful to see it growing wild in such quantities.


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